As part of your experience studying with us, we're delighted to be able to take you on fantastic day trips to deepen your understanding of the political and cultural context of the United Kingdom.

Our three day trips are intended to give you an insight into the modern British constitution, formed as it is by the democratic element of the House of Commons, the meritocratic or oligarchic element of the House of Lords, and the monarchical figure of Her Majesty the Queen. Some of our day trips are themed around a certain part of these components of Britain's history, and you will leave your summer school experience with a real appreciation of the history and politics of the UK, and how the country functions in the modern political context.

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Stand in the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster

We are proud to offer a guided tour around the Houses of Parliament at Westminster as part of your experience of Oxbridge Future Leaders. Parliament has sat on this site by the River Thames for nearly a thousand years, though the current buildings, with the iconic Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) have only been on the site since 1834, when the medieval building burned down. The 'new' Houses of Parliament are one of the architectural glories of the United Kingdom, and are adorned with busts and statues of some of Britain's most famous politicians and Kings and Queens. 

This day trip to the democratic heart of the United Kingdom will give you an excellent grounding in the democratic process, how laws are made, and how governments respond to public pressure. It is a truly rare opportunity to see inside this historic building at a time when MPs and Lords are away on summer recess, and is an experience only a very few individuals get to experience.

View the aristocratic splendour of Blenheim Palace

Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain's Prime Minister during the Second World War, Blenheim Palace actually commemorates a less famous war (The War of the Spanish Succession) where one general, John Churchill, triumphed over the French and Bavarian armies at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. The palace, just outside of Oxford, was given by a grateful Queen Anne and her Parliament as a monument to his famous victory, and is the apogee of the 'English Baroque' architectural style. 

On our guided tour of this beautiful family home and UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be transported back to the early eighteenth century, and come to understand the historical context of this great palace containing within it three hundred years of British aristocratic power, prestige and decline. 

You will have the opportunity to view the grounds of the Palace as well the incredible interior, designed by Vanbrugh and containing a treasure trove of artworks by Joshua Reynolds and John Singer Sargent, amongst others.

See the Hogwarts Library and Infirmary

The Bodleian library isn't just home to every book published in the UK since 1674; it's also the scene of the library and infirmary in the Harry Potter films.

Tour this library, usually closed to tourists, and experience the medieval splendour of the rooms of the Divinity School, and hear about how they filmed the franchise films in these ancient buildings.

Tour the Hogwarts Hall at Christ Church

Though previously home to thirteen Prime Ministers of the UK, Christ Church in Oxford, founded in 1524, is probably more famous as the scene for the Great Hall at Hogwarts. 

As part of the summer school experience, we're pleased to be able to offer a guided tour of Christ Church.

Head up the stairs where Harry and Draco first meet as first-year students at Hogwarts, then proceed into the magnificent Hall, where the portraits on the wall no longer move as in the films, but where it's easy to imagine Dumbledore and the other Hogwarts professors sitting on the High Table - as the professors at Christ Church still do.


Please note that we reserve the right to adjust, rearrange or otherwise alter our day trip provision at any time.